Serving Bartholomew County Since 1956
German Township Volunteer Fire Department
Emergency: 911
Since 1956, personnel have been volunteering their time and expertise to help their neighbors. All of the personnel are trained Firefighters, and several have been certified as EMS First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and Paramedics.

Below is a listing of our Firefighting staff:


801 Chief/EMT Matt Lynch
802 Deputy Chief/Paramedic Kelli Jo Lynch
803 Deputy Chief​ Open
804 Captain/EMT Jacob Goodin
805 Captain/EMT Matt Ahlbrand
806 Captain/EMT Cody Melton
807 LODD LT. Rick Drake
808 Lieutenant/EMT Amy Gephart
809 Lieutenant Open
​810 Lieutenant Open
811 Firefighter/EMT Chris Gephart
812 Firefighter/EMT Fred Bundick
813 Firefighter Katelin Gephart
814 Firefighter Elizabeth Drake
815 Firefighter Chuck Robbins
816 Firefighter Jermey Bolduc
817 Firefighter Steve LaRue
818 Firefighter Charles Campbell
819 Firefighter Nathaniel House
820 Firefighter/EMT Michael Andrus
821 Open
822 Firefighter Nick Neibel
823 Open
824 Firefighter/EMT Krystal Poff
825 Trainee Deidre Pflugh
826 Firefighter/EMT Jeramy Goodnight
​827 Trainee Cassie Bolduc
828 Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Dwyer
829 Firefighter Nate Drake
830 Firefighter/EMT Angie Artis-Drake
​831 Firefighter/EMT Robert Drake