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Water is the most vital part of every cellular process in our bodies. On the smallest level, it is what keeps everything within our cells running properly for division – and on the biggest level it means proper neurological function, digestion, the flushing of toxins, respiratory and heart health, and everything in between. With our bodies being made up of approximately 60% water, it’s no wonder that we’re constantly being encouraged to replenish our supply!
We lose water more quickly in summertime through our sweat. With more opportunities to get outside, exercise, and socialize at events where alcoholic beverages are in abundance (which make us lose even more water), it’s important to keep an eye out for any of these symptoms of dehydration:
FatigueHeadachesFood cravingsMuscle crampsDark urine
Now that we know what to look out for, let’s drink to our health! Here are some great ways to increase your water intake throughout the day:
*Get a good insulated water bottle. 
When your water stays cold on a hot summer day, you’ll be more likely to drink it! Purchase a good well-insulated water bottle you can refill throughout the day, and keep it with you at all times.
*Add some flavor! 
You’ll be more willing to drink water when it has a little extra flavor in it. Any of our delicious True Lemon products will add some variation, without adding extra calories or sugar. Here are some refreshing drink recipes that will keep you hydrated all summer long!
*Drink a big glass of water right when you wake up.
When we’re asleep we’re fasting from food and water. Drinking a big glass of water upon waking will not only give your cells a jump-start, but it’ll give you a foundation for reaching your daily intake of H20. Here are some more tips for getting your morning started right!
*Choose foods with a high water content. 
Watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, kiwi, and other summery fruits have high water contents and will help with adding to your daily quota.

CPR Classes

According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest effects close to 400,000 people annually. Often times, victims of cardiac arrest are healthy, with no underlying symptoms. The American Heart Association reports that roughly 80% of sudden cardiac arrests occur in the home. If you are asking yourself why these statistics are important, please know that cardiac arrest, by definition, is clinical death; meaning that a person's heart has stopped beating, and they are no longer breathing.
Cardiac arrest does not discriminate. One of the best ways to help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest is to learn Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.). The American Heart Association reports that the average response time for an ambulance is 8-12 minutes; however, after 4-6 minutes without oxygen, the likelihood of brain damage increases greatly. When considering these statistics, one can realize that that the likelihood of a successful recovery (living) is directly related to how soon resuscitative efforts are applied.
German Township Volunteer Fire Department has two Basic Life Support Instructors that are certified by the American Heart Association to teach these lifesaving skills. If you would like to learn these potentially lifesaving skills, please feel free to contact one of our Instructors listed below. We do charge a fee of $25.00 per person, and group rates are available.
Firefighter / EMT Mike Andrus

Fire Station Visits

We are happy to provide tours of our station to your school, day care provider, or youth activity group.
If you would like to arrange a tour, please contact Captain Jacob Goodin at