Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to give back to the community?  Are you looking to be a member of team, and experience a level of commradare that is similar to that of a family?  Are you a hard worker wanting to make a difference in your community?  If so, consider becoming a Volunteer Firefighter!   We are actively recruiting, and currently accepting applications.  

Being a Volunteer Firefighter is a fun and rewarding way to be an integeral part of the community.   Did you know, that according the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.), 70% of all Firefighters in the United States are volunteers?   You could be one of them!  Our requirements for appointment are listed below...

Requirements for Appointment as a Firefighter  / First Responder / EMT:
  1. Complete and submit application for appointment.
  2. Submit to a background check at the discretion of the Fire Chief.
  3. Be at least eighteen years of age and in good health.
  4. Must hold a valid Indiana Driver' License
  5. Must successfully complete a twelve (12) month probationary program.
  6. Successful completion of said probationary program will entail a vote by members.
  7. Those persons appointed after 9/12/11, must obtain one or more of  the below listed certifications:
    1. Indiana Mandatory Firefighter Certification
    2. Indiana First Responder Certification
    3. Indiana Emergency Medical Technician Certification
  8. Must meet all State of Indiana Requirements pursuant to State Form 42191.
  9. Must complete and maintain CPR / AED Certification.
  10. Must attend all yearly, state mandated training.
  11. Must be active as defined Appendix B, of the German Township Standard Operating Polices and Guidelines.
Commonly Asked Questions
1. How much time is required to be a Volunteer Firefighter? 
Personnel are required to donate 24 hours a month to the department.  Personnel can gain participation hours by signing up to staff the station, being on call at night, responding to calls from home, and attending fund raising events.
2. What kind of training will I receive?
Before being allowed to go on your first "run" (call for service) all new personnel must successfully complete one of the following courses: 
- Indiana Mandatory Firefighter Class
           - Indiana Firefighter I/II Class
           - Indiana First Responder (or higher) Class
If you are already certified in one or more of these areas, you will simply be required to complete an in house familiarization training to become acclimated to our equipment, and Standard Operating Polices and Guidelines.
3. Do I have to pay for training?
No, your initial training is done at no cost to you.  
4. Do I have to buy my own equipment?
No, we will provide you with all necessary equipment.  Of course, if you wish to purchase additional items, you will need to purchase those on your own.
5. Do I have to submit to a background investigation?
Yes.   Being a Firefighter, EMT, or First Responder is a position of public trust.  A background investigation regarding  your character and criminal history will be conducted.   A previous arrest will not necessarily bar you from  appointment.   We are not looking for "Angels", we are looking for motivated, hardworking, and HONEST individuals to join our team
6. Will I get paid?
By definition, yes you will be paid.   Indiana Statutes mandate that volunteer firefighters be paid an annual stipend of $200.00 per year.
Personnel from Recruit Class 12-002:  From Left to Right, Captain  Kelli Gatewood, Probationary Firefighter Ryan Jensen, Probationary Firefighter Jeremy Bolduc, Probationary Firefighter Richard Campbell, Probationary Firefighter Mason Duke, Deputy Chief Matt Lynch.
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